Did your business people fall in love with Salesforce? If so, integrate with it from Activiti!

Salesforce is the cool CRM who is starting to be used in almost any organization. Sadly for us (the developers) we will need to integrate with it soon. If you are using a BPM like Activiti, you may need to integrate sooner as the growing demands of business people. In this post we are going to show how to create a Salesforce contact from your Activiti process using the Mule’s Activiti module and the upcoming version of Activiti 5.6.

In our case, we will simulate that we need to create a Salesforce contact from our Activiti process. We will perform this task by calling a Mule endpoint and passing the necessary information as shown next:

The sendTask invokes the mule endpoint vm://createSalesforceContactFromActiviti which will receive the message with the necessary information to create the contact:#{firstName},#{lastName},#{email},#{title},#{phone} (where #{firstName} refers to the value of the variable firstName in the context of the process). Then we need to define the endpoint in the Mule’s side; the flow is simple and is shown next:

The sfdc:create type=”Contact” tag is the one that executes the contact creation in the Salesforce account. This information is stored in the payload of the message and need to be splitter (as it is comma separated) and then stored in the message’s headers so that we can reference them using: #[header:OUTBOUND:FirstName]. To do that we code the custom message processor SplitAndSetFieldsProcessor:

That’s it; so simple! Check the results:

Want to check a full running example? Check the full project with tests included at our GitHub repository. Also check the documentation of the Salesforce cloud connector for further configuration details.

Looking forward to hearing your comments!

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