Using Hibernate with Mule ESB – Part 2

In our previous post we explained how to work with Mule and Hibernate using an interceptor that makes every method invocation transactional. In this post we will show how to simulate the open session in view pattern (used in Web apps) for each flow.

To do so, we will assume that we have the following simple flow that receives messages from a HTTP endpoint and chains 3 services in a flow:

We want to reuse the open session in view concept for our HTTP flow. To do so, I have created 2 MessageProcessor that opens and closes the hibernate session. Their implementation is as follows:


The HibernateSessionAdvice class is an adapted copy of OpenSessionInViewFilter; you can find the implementation here. The last step is to modify our HTTP endpoint to open and close the hibernate session using the previously created MessageProcessor. We modify our configuration and flow as follows:

Hope it helps and happy hacking!