CupDraw 0.1 released

I’m pleased to announced the release of CupDraw 0.1.


CupDraw is a Objective-J framework for creating graphical editors that is based on the concepts of the famous Smalltalk Hotdraw. So far, this version contains the main concepts of that Hotdraw with a few utility classes that can help you build a basic editor.

We were users of Hotdraw for desktop applications and we want to provide a port for Objective-J (as it is quite similar to Smalltalk). We are using this version to migrate most of the features of an Eclipse based editor for the WebSpec requirement language (you can see some videos of the eclipse version here). We plan to open this editor soon so that you can also be aware of the things you can do with CupDraw.

Features of this release:

  • Drawing
  • Basic Figures with Models and connections
  • Selection Tool with marquee selection
  • Common Tool classes for 1 click figure creation and figure connections
  • Magnets and handles
  • Grid, Snap to grid
  • Alignment commands
  • Grouping commands
  • Lock commands
  • Z-Index commands

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