Want to tweet from your Activiti process?

Any BPM (specially Activiti) has integration requirements. For instance, in a customer order we may have multiple products and the customer may want to make public its purchased in his Twitter wall. So how can we publish this information in Twitter? Using the Mule’s Activiti module and the upcoming version of Activiti 5.6.

In our case, the process order will have a send task that invokes Mule to publish the information in Twitter. For the sake of conciseness we will keep the process definition simply:

The sendTask invokes the mule endpoint vm://tweetFromActiviti which will receive the message “I have just purchased a #{productName} from Mulesoft.com” (where #{productName} refers to the value productName in the context of the process).

Then we need to define the endpoint in the Mule’s side; the flow is simple and is shown as follows:

The twitter:update-status tag is the one that executes the update status to the user’s twitter wall. For simplicity we use the same user on each status update; all this information is configured in the twitter connector in Mule:

That’s it; so simple! Check our user’s twitter wall.
Want to check a full running example? Check the full project with tests included at our GitHub repository.
Also check the documentation of the Twitter cloud connector for further configuration details.

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